Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Stuff

I got new bowls! New to me, that is. We were wandering around an antique market and a few of the vendors were selling old pyrex and corningware.

I scored these two bowls. I like the birds. And I have used the larger one a bunch of times already! Well worth the 15ish bucks I made Ian spend.

I decided last week that I wanted to make vegan mini donuts. Why, you ask? I just like baked goods is all. They were a teeny bit of a fail in the donut-ness, such that they didn't actually have proper holes that went all the way through, and the ones I hand formed looked like cookies, but they were tasty, and I have hopefully remedied the problem by purchasing another mini donut pan instead of relying on the one to get me through a recipe.

I got the recipe from Oh She Glows.

Mini Donuts

Here's what they looked like out of the oven

Duffins. Not quite a donut, not quite a muffin.

However, you almost can't tell that they're a little different once they got glazed. Or that may just be my wishful thinking.

I now have 200 donut flavour ideas floating around in my head. Okay, 200 is a lot. But I do have a bunch. As well as a plan to veganize friands in the near future. We'll see how that goes. I am cautiously optimistic.


  1. I love that bird print. I have a small bowl with it, no handles, that I use for beating eggs and other small tasks. It was like $2, I'd love to find more of them.