Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gin and lime curd tart

Potluck staff meeting! New Christmas products to take inspiration from! What a magical time in the life of me.

One of the products that came out this year was Mr Punch soap, which is a lime, gin, juniper berry and black currant soap. I couldn't incorporate the black currants - out of season and for some reason the extract doesn't exist here! - or the juniper berry on account of not being able to find any. However, what we lack in currants and berries we make up for with gin, lime oil, and blackberries.

I wanted to make the crust gluten free, since we have a gluten intolerant member of staff who deserves delicious tart just as much as everyone else, so I made an almond meal crust. Super basic - just almond meal, sugar, earth balance, and a bit of salt. Pressed into a tart pan - the most annoying part of the whole process - and then baked.

The curd I made with the usual VegNews Lemon Curd recipe, with some crucial changes - lime instead of lemon peel, no turmeric, lime oil instead of vanilla, and most importantly, gin instead of lemon juice. It's only enough for a thin layer on the bottom of the tart, but it's a pretty boozy, tart curd so I think it's all that's necessary. You could always double the curd recipe or perhaps make a vegan whip to pile on top, depending on your current wants and needs.

Almond Crust

2 c ground almonds
4 -5 tbsp melted earth balance
4 tbsp sugar
pinch salt

Preheat the oven to 350. Mix all the things together until fully incorporated. Press into a 9" tart pan; bake, covered for 20 minutes and then uncover and bake for 10 mire until nicely golden. Remove and let cool completely before adding filling.

This was supposed to be a shot of the unfilled crust, but I forgot to take that. Oops.

Lime curd

3/4 c full fat coconut milk
1/2 c gin
1/2 c sugar
lime zest from 3 limes
3 tbsp corn starch
1 tbsp pure lime oil

Mix everything in a small pot over med-low heat. Keep stirring until mixture bubbles and thickens, about 6 minutes. Remove from stove top and push through a sieve if you want it to be super smooth and amazing, which I did and you probably do too. Let it cool (the pushing through a sieve will help with this) but don't let it form a skin. Pour it into the crust and smooth it out. Top with various treats.

I was going to use currants, but they don't exist right now, so I chose blackberries.

Blackberry'd up!

My husband came home with many various berries, so then I decided that it would be fun to add the raspberries too. These aren't strictly Mr Punch related, but whatever, I do what I want.

Blackberries AND raspberries? Crazy talk.

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