Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Welcome to Veg*n aMuse Bouche.

So many people have vegan / vegetarian food blogs. I thought I'd join their legions during November 2010 - the month of Vegan MoFo IV. Vegan Mofo (Month of Food) is all about those blogging vegans showing the world why their lifestyle is as delightful as it is through the informative, pervasive and invasive powers of the interwebs.

I'm not vegan - far from it, as an ovo-lacto vegetarian, in fact - but I do loves me some delicious vegan food and cook from one of my many vegan cookbooks on a relatively regular basis. I actually can't remember the last time I baked anything non-vegan, because in actual fact, all vegan baking is equally delicious as (and fluffy as, tender as, etc) non-vegan, so why put the chickens and the cows out if you don't have to?

While the serious vegans will be blogging about serious vegan things - book reviews, veganizing family favorite recipes, restaurant reviews etc - I plan on just making at least one vegan thing per day and posting about it, hopefully with some beautiful food porn to go with. Everyone loves pictures of cupcakes.

What goes on post Vegan MoFo? I don't know, actually. I'll consider it pretty miraculous if I manage to blog this whole month, even if I do manage to do all the cooking / baking I intend to do. This might be a one month / year kind of thing (next year: veganizing my favorite recipes from Food & Drink magazine, one of my favorite pre-veg cooking resources ever!). This might turn into a thing I do. I guarantee nothing. I will provide a limited guarantee that this month I will make every effort to blog about the food I make for MoFo (the limitations being a) that I remember to do so and b) that I don't get too busy with the rest of life as so many bloggers are wont to do).

And with that... onto food!

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