Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vegan MoFo - Day 2

You can be forgiven for thinking that vegan food consists primarily of tofu and other various meat analogues with the occasional daal thrown in for fun. However, trying to recreate an omni (that's you!) fave will sometimes require fake meat - what would chili be without a little tvp for that meaty texture? Just a bunch of spicy beans, I tell you what. But VegNew's absolutely fabulous mac n cheese recipe is a delicious recreation without the blended tofu or nutritional yeast, and was highly approved by my husband, whose reviews of non meat / non dairy foods are not always positive.
The sauce is a blend of cashews, carrots, onion, and potato with various seasonings. As with all recipes calling for a spice, I was a little generous with the cayenne, as we enjoy the spicy side of life. Also, the water that was leftover once the vegetables were soft enough to blend with the cashews was negligible so I added a bit more (probably a quarter cup?) and I used a bit more pasta than required because I don't know what the heck 8oz is from a 900g bag of elbow macaroni so I just used about half the bag.
In future, I will likely add a couple tablespoons of squeezed out horseradish to the crumb mixture that adorned the top and bake it for a few more minutes as it wasn't as crispy as I would have liked, but overall it was seriously delicious and will definitely be made again. Yet another 5 of 5 om nom noms.
VegNews Mac N Cheese

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  1. I want this... did you save me some? It sounds delish!