Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vegan MoFo - Day 4

I missed a day. I missed a day and it burns my soul. I missed it because I had a screamapillar baby for much of the day and then I had a social event (trivia!) in the evening which made it impossible to get my Pumpkin Bran Muffins from Vegan Brunch made on Day 3.
But! Day 4! There you were, ready for those muffins to be made! And my, WHAT muffins they are!
Easy to make, as all muffins are, they taste more or less like pie but a tad bit healthier, what with the cup of bran flakes that no pie has ever called for. As a related side note, I totally hate working with molasses, what with all the annoying non-pouringness and stickiness, but it's made up for by the fact that it always brings to mind the 'mole-asses' joke. Gotta love a good mole joke. Or a good ass joke, depending on who you are.
I love Vegan Brunch with a fiery passion. I've made lots of stuff out that book and will for sure be making more, not least amoung them the Pumpkin Bran Muffins. Dare I say, 5 out of 5 om nom noms? I don't think the husband has tried them yet, but I don't care, because I love them and may eat them all before giving him a chance anyway.
As with all bran muffins, these are particularly delish warm, but unlike some, they hold up to a good slathering of Earth Balance at room temperature, too. Just part of their charm.

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