Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vegan MoFo - Day 15

Chili! Cornbread! Yum! A marriage made in culinary heaven.
So the last vegan chili that we made (I made my husband make it for some reason or other, but I was totally the mastermind) was a weird chocolate chili thing that turned out... well, not that great, to say the least. It's one of the few recipes that we have vowed to never make again, which for us is saying a lot since we always vow to make everything again.
This chili, however, was quite delicious. Full of vegetables, obviously, and it didn't use any tvp to make it 'meaty' which I liked, since I kind of hate those allegations from omni types about how vegetarians and vegans just want fake meat. Besides that being untrue, even if it was true, what does it matter? They want meat without the damaging effects on the environment or the cruelty. So there!
I digress. The chili was perfect with just the beans. I upped the amount of chipotle and added some of the sauce from it as well because if you've learned nothing else about us, you know that we likes the spicies.
I was going to include the cornbread as a separate entry because I made it on a different day, but that totally felt like a cheat because, well, it's cornbread and just about the easiest thing to make ever.
Chipotle Chili with Cornbread

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