Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vegan MoFo - Day 5

I was a lover of chicken picatta pre-veg. Something about lemon, wine and capers together is just heavenly. I haven't had it since going vegetarian, as I never made picatta myself and no restaurants serve it sans animal. Then, Isa Chandra Moskowitz posts this recipe to her blog. It's from her upcoming book, Appetite for Reduction, which, if anything like her other cookbooks (and judging from this recipe!), will be delightful.
So, chickpea picatta. Yup. Easy, pretty quick, and totally delicious. Not to mention in this case, low fat and super healthy! As noted in the recipe, picatta is regularly served with pasta; I went one further than the mashed potatoes and made them wasabi mashed (with a couple of cloves of garlic, too!). I used almond milk, vegetable broth and earth balance as well, and they were super creamy and delicious.
I substituted spinach for the arugula because I just plain don't like arugula. Spinach was a grand substitute as far as I'm concerned; it wilted not too shabbily beneath the potatoes with the sauce poured over.
I'm just not going to do the rating thing anymore; everything so far has been fantastic so it's boring. Let this be a lesson - vegan food is great and you have no reason not to make yourself some tonight.
Note: our picture isn't as beautiful as Isa's. We don't have lots of food styling practice like she does. If you don't find our picture that appealing, just check hers out, it'll make you want it immediately.
Chickpea Picatta

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